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Daily frustrations…


If there is one word to describe this trip so far it is frustrating.

Things that frustrate me (disclaimer: this is potentially a moany venting post):

  • The slow pace of negotiating something that should be straight forward.
  • The failure of leaders to overcome their differences
  • The inability to see how dragging of feet means more suffering for the people
  • The total waste of resources that should be used to help not hinder
  • Flies
  • The truths, half-truths and outright lies that people tell (and trying to figure out which is which)
  • ‘Somali time’ aka if we say we leave at 4am we might leave anytime between 4 and 10. But be ready, just in case
  • The constant reminder of the worlds inequities
  • The fact that my ‘shower’ (rusty pipe dripping cold water hanging precariously from the wall) doesn’t work
  • Having to wear a headscarf all the time but not knowing how to prevent it blowing into my face and having to totally rearrange it following a gust of wind

A little bit of Germany..

Christmas markets, who doesn’t love them, and what better place to visit them than the country of the original christmas marketers (probably?).. Germany.

So we flew to Bremen, half a million people reside in this beautiful place nestled along the river. Among cobbled streets and ancient buildings it has not one but two christmas markets. The first near town hall is lively and more modern, the second is the ‘traditional’ market and can be found at the river edge. Here they have people in mediaeval dress and wooden huts where people drink glüwein under mock candlelight.

Since the market shuts after 9pm we walked along the streets and stumbled upon a literal piss up in a brewery. Greeted by a dirndled girl and lederhosened man we drank weißbier, ate wurst, sauerkraut and grünkohl and watched the germans get more and more merry, rowdy and dancey. I’m not sure the night could have been any more German if we tried…



Small things..


I am told, by some people, some of the time that I am a small person. At 5’5.5″ (that half inch is very important) I don’t think it is true to say I am a small person. But in any case, I now have a complex. And when I was walking along the East Side Gallery in Berlin and saw this section, I stopped. Because not only does the message appeal to me, as a small person, but, in general this beautifully simple idea resonated with me. As I hope it does with you.



Bakewell, tart hunting..

Every little niche..

I got given this flyer walking down the street in Kreuzberg, home of the berlin youth, the hippies, music makers, artists and artisans. Its for a party. But this is not just any party. Oh no. This, my friends, is a drum n bass party, for feminists. But not just any feminist drum n bass enthusiasts. Not in Berlin. This is a party for drum n bass feminists vegans, to be exact. A niche market I imagine, but if its a niche that can be filled anywhere its here..
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