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The drive from Stockholm to Gothenburg took 4hours and 35mins. Roughly. I was DJ, and also chief animal spotter. I am particularly good at spotting horses since Ive been doing so my entire life, but I was after something more exotic this time. An elk. Although my friend told me, stone face coldly, that the greatest chance I had of seeing an elk was if we hit one with the car. But fear not, for Swedes are taught how to minimise the damage/chance of death should this happen (aim for the back of the animal apparently). Not too reassured we pressed on, past a lake called, I think, Vättern (not lake betty as i had thought for the first few hours of the trip). A massive expanse of choppy water and Swedens largest lake. The trouble with roadtrips in Sweden is that there is not much other than forest and the occasional chocolate box house. A welcoming splash of red in an otherwise monotonous, yet still beautiful (just not from the inside of a car on a motorway) landscape. 


This view…


I will never tire of it..

Any excuse to fika..

 After an intense and slightly exhausting first week I was expecting to catch up on sleep this weekend, early to bed on Friday and a nice lay in Saturday, that was the plan.  However, after two weeks of early starts my body clock had other ideas and woke me at 8am, not to be discouraged I quickly changed my plans and took the T-bana to Södermalm and arranged a morning fika with a friend from my course.  Fika is quite possibly one of my favourite things about Sweden. Although there seems to be no literal translation for the word I like to think of it as a turbo charged coffee break. During our introduction week it was referred to many times and even proposed to be the reason for the success of many a Swedish company and a method for quicker promotion at work.  Whether this is true or not, the fact remains that fika is a great excuse to drink coffee, eat a delicious baked good or small treat, chat with existing friends or make new ones.  You don’t need to have known me for too long to know that I have developed a great love for the kanelbulle, or cinnamon bun, and this is what I would suggest any fika newbie would order to accompany their coffee. On this particular occasion I broke with (my own) tradition and had a smörbulle, a vanilla-y, buttery, almondy ball of goodness, it did not dissapoint.  Equally as good are the cardamon flavoured buns, which is not a spice regularly used at home but one which I love.  Unfortunately my cardiovascular health and waistline are not too fond of these, now almost daily, baked good accompanied fikas so I may have to curtail the habit before it gets out of control…

A little bit of Germany..

Christmas markets, who doesn’t love them, and what better place to visit them than the country of the original christmas marketers (probably?).. Germany.

So we flew to Bremen, half a million people reside in this beautiful place nestled along the river. Among cobbled streets and ancient buildings it has not one but two christmas markets. The first near town hall is lively and more modern, the second is the ‘traditional’ market and can be found at the river edge. Here they have people in mediaeval dress and wooden huts where people drink glüwein under mock candlelight.

Since the market shuts after 9pm we walked along the streets and stumbled upon a literal piss up in a brewery. Greeted by a dirndled girl and lederhosened man we drank weißbier, ate wurst, sauerkraut and grünkohl and watched the germans get more and more merry, rowdy and dancey. I’m not sure the night could have been any more German if we tried…



Days in summer..


..are apt to linger..



.. it’s the answer…



“Stand on principle or not at all”