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Birthday views…

It’s never sunny on my birthday, this dull february day was no different. Which featured clouds as thick as our hangovers. We warmed our souls with coffee amd kanelbullar in a little cosy underground cafe in Gamla Stan. Armed with a fist full of balloons we climbed the path to this lookout, Katerina hissen, round the back of Slussen. I can never tire of this view.


This view…


I will never tire of it..

Vinter har kommit..

Let it snöaaa!!!

The narrative analysis…

This is why in every succeeding remembering moment, the story will likely be revised as the present becomes the past anticipating a certain future that bestows a meaning on the whole.

Sometimes you get given a paper to read for research methods class that is so stale and devoid of colour that no will in the world could allow you to reach the reference section. And then you get Brigitta, the women I wish was my adopted grandmother. A retired childrens nurse who continues academic work “for fun” a bespectacled, grey haired and humorous lady who, due to her extensive experience both in the field and home, seems to knows anyone who is anyone in global health. And Brigitta gives you a paper that makes you cry, one that makes you think and one that makes you question everything.


I think its official, Swedish summer is over. The recurringly beautiful sunsets continue, accented with raindrops and gusts of wind. The days may be bright but the chill is set in the air. Autumn is here and the leaves will turn. The nigh draws its curtains earlier and the morning wakes later with every turn of the earth. Soon it will be Swedish winter, and we will see if I survive.

Breakfast in bread..

 If you cant have it in bed, have it in bread..

A little bit of Germany..

Christmas markets, who doesn’t love them, and what better place to visit them than the country of the original christmas marketers (probably?).. Germany.

So we flew to Bremen, half a million people reside in this beautiful place nestled along the river. Among cobbled streets and ancient buildings it has not one but two christmas markets. The first near town hall is lively and more modern, the second is the ‘traditional’ market and can be found at the river edge. Here they have people in mediaeval dress and wooden huts where people drink glüwein under mock candlelight.

Since the market shuts after 9pm we walked along the streets and stumbled upon a literal piss up in a brewery. Greeted by a dirndled girl and lederhosened man we drank weißbier, ate wurst, sauerkraut and grünkohl and watched the germans get more and more merry, rowdy and dancey. I’m not sure the night could have been any more German if we tried…