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Music to watch the dark to..

I’m having a rare late night text conversation with my dad, trying to persuade him not to go to LA but come to a gregory porter gig instead (funnily enough Im losing) and he tells me to look up a band, which I do, but I find the wrong band. And come across this song. So now Im laid on my bed, seeing shadows in the dark as the sound waves wash over me.



This song makes me want to party.


Sultry sunday sounds to sleep to..

(I was born in the wrong era)

Dregs of summer




I put the heating on today. This means Summer is officially over. I’m not sure how I’ll cope, I left England in March when a thick layer of snow cloaked the landscape in white. And since this point I’ve been balmy, save for a few journeys through the Ecuadorian Andes. To add insult to injury I’m spending my first winter in the North of England, and everyone knows how cold it gets in the North. Wish me luck.

Soko – Monster Love

This video looks like a VHS home movie crossed with a 70’s horror film. Which is funny (in a not really funny way) as thats kind of what it is. A short film shot on VHS to accompany not one, but two delicious new songs by French singer, director, actress and seeming wonder woman Soko.

I confess to sometimes skipping to the second song just to listen to her french accent over enunciating the words in that way that french people do…

Songs for Summer


When the sun shines and my blood warms I start to feel a little nicer, more tolerant, happy even. And since the sun is shining at this current moment, and has been since I arrived in Barcelona, I thought I might share with you a few songs for those middle months of the year which may or may not be warmer than the rest but should be by convention. (depending on which way the water flows down the sink in your part of the world of course).

Club 8 – Hot Sun

The Swedes do sugary vocals and synth with aplomb don’t they? This song makes me want to run through a sprinkler system in slow motion.

Peaking Lights – Hey Sparrow

One for those hot summer nights when you keep turning the pillow to cool your face and it feels like the only thing that would keep you cool is taking your skin off to air your bones. I’m not claiming this is going to magic a whisper of wind through your window but it might cool your mind at least.

Wild Belle – It’s too late (Snakehips remix)

A funky number with a lot of ooh-ing and one of those ever fashionable female voices that sounds like the words are formed at the back of her throat and roll out via the cheeks with a look of wide eyed disdain. Perfect for poolside cocktails.

Mount Kimbie – You Took Your Time

This most certainly isn’t a typical summer song. But its accompanied by an excellent video, shot in black and white, and which is apparently directed by Marcus Söderlund whose name I recognised and a quick google search revealed that he is yet another talented Swede, a director who’s worked with a whole host of artists and brands. The laidback beats and talking rap style ( is that a thing) help it pass for a summer song. Maybe concoct some Sangria to accompany the track for extra summer vibes.

The Temptations – Aint Too Proud To Beg (Pinot Filter Vintage Re-Love)

This is not a new song by any means, neither is it a new remix. But I realised this was not the most upbeat of playlists and this will certainly remedy that. Best served with a side of Saturday night and Mojitos.

Go forth and get tanned…

Life with a view, Barcelona

Desayunando por encima de la línea del horizonte… Arriba, Las pájaros cantan. Debajo, la ciudad late. Aquí, mi corazón sonríe.

I’m in Barcelona for a while. I love this city. Whatever you want to do, you can do it in Barcelona. Unless what you want to do is ski or other such sub zero nonsense. Then you might have to go a little way away from Barcelona, to teach you a lesson for liking such silly sports.

So, my friend left the city for Zurich, and I’m looking after his pimp pad for the weekend. And it is one hell of a pimp pad. My official residence is in Barcelonetta with another friend, proximity to the beach is one perk, but central location, panaroamic views and hi-spec piso is quite another. This morning I woke up as the sun streamed through the huge glass doors leading to the terrace, made freshly squeezed orange juice, walked to the panaderia and brought a croissant, strolled across the road and brought fruit and now I’m going to lay on the penthouse balcony with my panoramic views of the beach, montjuic, tibidabo and the sagrada familia and tan myself into a prematurely wrinkled stupor. Europeans definitely know how to live, if I never come home, you’ll know where to find me.

This 80’s flavoured mixtape is going to be playing in the background for some extra juicy endorphin releasing smiley time, if you were ever interested.

Happy Saturday 🙂