This is the view from my hotel room in Hargeisa. A hotel room I hadnt really expected to be in, since the plan for this trip was to go to ‘the area of most need’ which is unlikely to be the capital city. But there have been issues getting started, in order to travel we need permission from the government, and permission is slow to gain. Whilst we wait we sort our supplies, procure medicines and analyse maps and security reports, read research papers on Somaliland, drank copious amounts of tea and had many formal and informal meetings.

This evening we met the Minister for Education, State Minister and some other important looking people. We explained our case, our plan, what we needed (essentialy just permission) and still we need more meetings. 
Luckily though, Ole, the german social worker working closely with us, is a man with a plan. He identified a second possible location and is waiting permission from the sultan of that area and security confirmation that we can go. The plan is to set up a hospital as a referral centre, and then to undertake mobile clinics in the most affected areas, IDP camps etc. But for now, we wait…


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